The Guitars

A Word about my guitars

I perform on a 1989, Sergio Abreu guitar from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (top guitar in photo). It is a spruce top guitar, very much in the tradition of Hauser guitars. Sergio Abreu performed himself on a Hauser guitar, while being part of the highly successful Abreu Brother Guitar Duo. My videos with orchestra on this website were performed on my Abreu guitar.

I equally enjoy performing on a 1996 Panormo model made by German luthier Bernhard Kresse from Cologne, Germany (bottom guitar). Bernhard has specialized in building replicas of 19th century guitars like Stauffer, Lacote and Panormo. Take a look at his website at The Trio Voilá recordings on this website were performed on my Panormo guitar.

At the moment, I am enjoying a beautiful instrument by German guitar maker Antonius Müller, it is 2010 cedar guitar with a “sandwich” top, or as Tony calls it a “Lamellendecke”. The solo guitar videos on this website were performed on the Müller guitar. More info here: | Saved Thursday, March 31st, 2011 - 3:44 PM